Rehabilitation Richmond CASUCCESS STORY

Ms. Dunn came into Shields Richmond March 12th from UCSF, due to osteoarthritis of the right hip. She had undergone Total Hip Replacement surgery.  Patient initially needed maximum assistance with functional activities of daily living and mobility.

Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy focused on physical strengthening and conditioning exercises, pain and edema management, use of assistive devices to facilitate and enhance patient abilities, and lastly, fall prevention and safe transition to home.

Amazingly, Ms. Dunn was discharged home within two weeks of rehabilitation treatment sessions and was able to resume independent living!

Ms. Dunn is pictured with her therapists before going home, with a big smile 🙂

Shields Richmond Nursing Center


Residents and families provide feedback to us through our internal surveys and in their thank you notes. They consistently rate us very highly. Some of their comments:

“The level of Professional service, the standard of compassionate care and skilled nursing I received at Sheilds was exemplary. Everyone who I came in contact with there was very skilled and superb at doing their job.”    (T. Stokes)

 “At time of transfer here I was very weak, and  on O2 constantly. I  couldn’t move about in bed or stand alone. Now I can walk futher everyday with a walker.”                 (F. Clifson)

“A home away from home.”
(V. Jimenez)

“Good services, good food, excellent staff”
(R. Peer)

“The nursing and therapy staff are top-notch.”
(G. Visineau)

“Your activities make me feel like I’m part of a family.”
(G. Tarver)

“Your staff gave me the will to live. They sat at the side of my bed and talked to me and gave me all the hope that you could give a sick person.”
(S. McNeal)